Strawberry Park is Cashless!

We are transitioning to faster, safer cashless operations this season, offering free Cash-to-Card services.

NOTE: There are a few activities that still require cash payment: Tie Dye, Bingo, the Arcade, and Ceramics 

We only accept payments such as debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards. Simply swipe to pay at any food or beverage stand, gift shop, or store – no digging for change to pay or waiting for cash back from our staff.

Do you only have cash? Guests will have free access to multiple easy-to-use Cash-to-Card Kiosks conveniently located throughout the Park. You can convert cash onto a card free of charge and use it throughout the Park.

Still have questions? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Why are you no longer accepting cash for payment? Removing cash transactions and the processes that come with cash handling will allow Staff to dedicate even more of our time to what’s important, serving our Guests and making your stay great. Also, the problem with cash is that it is notoriously covered in germs. Studies have shown that paper bills can contain bacteria and viruses, plus lead to the spread of disease.

What types of payment does Strawberry Park accept? Solely card payments. These include all major credit and debit card providers (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover) and prepaid cards. We do not accept cash, however, Guests can convert cash onto a prepaid card through a simple and safe process at several Cash-to-Card Kiosks located at the Store.

What if I only have cash? Guests who only bring cash can add it to a card at one of the cash-to-card kiosks that will be located throughout the Park.

Is there a fee to use the Cash-to-Card Kiosks and prepaid cards? It is free to load cash onto a prepaid card and to use the card.

Will I have to share any personal information? No personal information is needed to convert your cash onto a card at one of our kiosks. You can choose to receive a digital copy of your transaction receipt by entering your phone number.

What information do I need to provide to use the Cash to Card Kiosks? None! The cards are anonymous and no cardholder information is gathered.

Is there an approval process to get a prepaid card? No approval is needed, and no personal information is gathered.

How much cash can I load onto a card? You can load up to $500 per kiosk transaction. If you’d like to load more, you can simply repeat the process for a second card.

How do I check the balance on my prepaid card? You check your balance anywhere, anytime for free by visiting the card website (yet to be activated) or calling the number listed on the back of each card.

 What if I overdraw/don’t have enough money on the card for my purchase? You cannot overdraw the prepaid card. You can only spend the amount loaded on the card, and you will then need to provide another form of payment to complete the transaction.

 What if I lose my card? Please save your receipt so that you have the contact information for the card company. There is a URL listed on the receipts where you can report a lost card and have it frozen so it cannot be further used.

 Do you accept Apple Pay and Google Pay? Currently, we do not accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about my card? Please visit the card website (yet to be activated) or visit Guest Services during your visit.