2021 Bingo Schedule


Family Bingo is one of the most popular events at Strawberry Park. We are currently the only campground in Connecticut that conducts Bingo in accordance with the state laws governing Bingo. During the summer, Bingo is offered on a scheduled basis (see our full Bingo calendar below), while most of our spring and fall special event weekends feature multiple Bingo sessions. Bingo is open to all campers at Strawberry Park. Our typical Bingo session lasts about 90 minutes. We offer two different Bingo cards. Our $1 BROWN cards are good for the first 14 games of Bingo, while our high-stake “winner take all” GREEN cards are $5 each and are only good for the 15th and final multi-part game. In addition, between the 14th and 15th games, door prize drawings are held. Each Bingo player receives one admission ticket when purchasing cards. You may buy as many cards as you like—some people play just 1 brown card, while others may play 8 brown cards and 4 green cards or more. Prize amounts for games 1-14 are based on the number of players at the start (see chart below). Typically, our summer sessions average over 300 players, with some sessions attracting 500 players or more. Card sales begin 30 minutes prior to starting time, and remain on sale until the start of the 8th game.

Once game 8 begins (usually about 30 minutes after start time), all card sales are closed, including the $5 green cards. Prizes for the “winner take all” game 15 are based on the number of green cards sold. In accordance with state Bingo statutes, 90% of the amount generated through green card sales must be distributed to the winners, while by law, 10% must go to a non-profit sponsoring organization. Strawberry Park is proud to have assisted various local charitable groups, such as the SIDS Network, the National Kidney Foundation of Connecticut, The Preston City Congregational Church, St. Catherine’s Church, Team “M.A.D.” (Make a Difference), the Haitian Health Foundation, and the Preston City Grange. None of the Bingo money collected is kept by Strawberry Park. While the prize amounts for the 15th game depend upon the number of cards sold, a typical summer Bingo session awards well over $1000 in prizes in the green card “winner take all” multi-part game #15.