Pet Policy

Strawberry Park is a pet-friendly resort campground, and we invite you to bring your dog with any campsite or rental reservation for an RV, Park Model or Cabin, with the exception of Park Model Rentals 354 & 359, which have been designated as “no pets.”  In addition, we feature our “Strawberry Bark” fenced pet park where you may bring your dog to run free with other dogs. We do ask that everyone please be aware of our Pet Rules, as noted here.

  1. A maximum of 2 dogs per site are permitted.  No commercial use permitted (ie breeding, sale or advertising sale of pets).
  2. Any dog that exhibits aggressive behavior is not permitted.
  3. “Strawberry Bark” as well as several other areas will be designated our fenced pet parks offered for those who wish to allow their dogs to run off-leash.
  4. Pets may be walked on campground roads in accordance with the following:
    A.  Dogs must remain on a leash of no longer than 7’ (no extendable leashes).
    B.  Adults or teenagers may walk pets.  Children cannot be held accountable for the control of your pet while walking off site without a responsible adult.
    C.  In addition, while your dog may be walked on the roadways of the campground, please be advised that they are not permitted in or around any buildings, including the office, laundry and restrooms, or at any of the public recreation areas, such as playgrounds, the pool area, the rec center (open air pavilion hosting Bingo/Grill & Creamery), volleyball, disc golf, horseshoe pits, music festival venues or the ball fields. This includes “pocket pets” that are often carried around as a fashion accessory. Only certified service dogs are permitted in those areas.
    D.  Walking pets after dark is discouraged, as nocturnal indigenous wildlife such as raccoons and skunks may be present.
    E.  Please keep your pet off of other campsites, whether that site is occupied or not, as many campers take great pride in their yards & floral displays.
    F.  Not everyone is a pet lover, so please don’t allow your pet to approach other campers who are not approaching them in a welcoming manner, especially young children.
    G. Even friendly dogs can react unexpectedly, especially in the presence of unfamiliar dogs.  Use caution when allowing your dog to approach other dogs.

5.  During quiet hours, pets are limited to your own campsite.
6.  Pet owners must clean up after their pets, both on their own campsite and when walking pets, and must carry the proper equipment required to do so.  Please dispose of bagged pet waste only in trash receptacles.
7.  Do not leave your pet unattended in any common areas off your site. No pets can be kept in an outdoor kennel.  You must be with your pet while it is outdoors. No unattended pets can be tied out, and length of tie-out must not extend into roadways, other sites or common areas.
8.  Be sure to bring a current copy of your pet’s vaccination certificates.  All pets are required to have collars and tags with identifying owner information.
9.  Visitors of registered campers are not allowed to bring pets into the Park.
10.  While pets may be transported on permitted golf carts, please don’t bring pets to areas they are not permitted, generally described as the playfields and the pools and surrounding areas (specific information is available at the office and noted above).  No one wants to hear a dog howling at a poolside band or bonfire performer or barking at Bingo.

Excessive barking, especially during quiet hours, will not be tolerated. If a pet creates a nuisance or disturbance, the owner of the offending pet will be asked to remove that pet from the campground.  Any pet left unattended on site and causing a disturbance may be removed by the dog warden, with any fees being charged to the pet owner.