One Of The Greatest Campgrounds Of America.

Make a Reservation

2016 reservations are currently being accepted (request form is located at the bottom of this page). We are currently accepting reservations via phone at (860)-886-1944 for (A) minimum stay of two days on designated sites for any period during 2014 and (B) stay of 7 nights or more on all sites. When making reservations for 2014, if your stay is for less than 7 nights, the full balance is due when reserving. If reserving for a week or longer, a deposit of 50% will be due when reserving, with remaining balance due 30 days before arrival. For further questions please call (860) 886-1944

Please read carefully before completing and submitting the request form located at the bottom of this page.

Reservation Reminders

  • Please note that the basic rental unit for four people with a maximum to 6 people.
  • There are added fees for additional guests.
  • Before making any reservation, we do encourage you to read our “Cancellation Policy.”