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Over 180 families own their own campsite at Strawberry Park. We invite you & your family to join us!

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Forms & Info For Current Owners & Seasonal Campers

Some Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Site Ownership at Strawberry Park

  • What does the purchaser of a site “own”?

    Every buyer owns a share of Strawberry Park Resort Campground – the entire 77 acre park. This is not a timeshare or club membership, and is different than other cooperatives or condominiums, where only part of the actual property is owned by the campers. At Strawberry Park, when you buy a site, you own a part of the entire campground plus a PERMANENT proprietary lease to your site (officially known as a “Unit”). You own your unit-share permanently, unless you decide to sell it or transfer it, as with any other property.

  • What is the history of Strawberry Park and cooperative ownership of campsites?

    Strawberry Park first opened in 1974, and the same family that developed and built the campground was also the developer of the cooperative. Cooperative site ownership of Strawberry Park began in 1990, and at this time more than 190 units have been sold to individual families.

  • What do I get when I buy my site?

    You will receive a perimeter survey of your site. Your site will contain its own individual water, electric and cable TV hookups. Each site that does not currently have a direct sewer connection will be given 12 free pump-outs per year. You also receive your membership certificate, and the transaction is recorded on file with the Town of Preston.

  • Can I rent my site to other campers?

    In accordance with the Declaration/Public Offering Statements, you may sublet your site directly, or through Strawberry Park. There is a nominal registration fee when you sublet your site on your own, or if the site is reserved through Strawberry Park, there is a revenue sharing plan.

  • Do I have to pay extra for family and/or friends?

    No. Core family members are considered part of your camping party and are not charged. In addition, you will receive 30 free guest passes per year.

  • Are there any fees in addition to the purchase price?

    There is an annual Common Interest fee (often referred to as a “maintenance fee”) payable quarterly (2013 fees are $550/quarter for a total of $2200/yr). In addition, you would pay for your metered electricity. The Town of Preston will also send you a personal property tax bill on your RV, and, if applicable, deck and/or attached room. Unlike “condominium ownership” you are NOT individually taxed on the value of your particular unit (a fee often exceeding $1000/yr) . There are no other normal charges, except if you choose to utilize the various concession sales such as the store, snack bar, etc. There is no additional charge for basic cable TV programming. You may contract with our cable provider to receive internet or phone service. Wi-fi internet is available throughout the Park, and one free hour of service is provided each day (additional time may be purchased). Again, please see the Declaration/Public Offering Statement. The maintenance fee is based on the annual budget and is more fully explained in the Declaration/Public Offering Statement, as are any other possible charges.

  • Will the level of activities and entertainment that are currently offered remain the same?

    As long as Strawberry Park RV Resort, Inc. continues to operate the non-sold sites, the same level of operation will take place. Once other ownership or once the Association takes control, that owner or the owners of the Association will determine programming and policy.

  • How much time can unit owners spend at the Park?

    Neither owners nor seasonals can live here year-round. From April 1st through October 31st you can stay in the Park for an unlimited time. During the off-season, school age children may not stay in the Park on school days and no one but our approved “caretakers” can camp here year-round. Town zoning regulations limit year-round occupancy to our caretakers, but you are permitted limited usage during the off-season, more fully explained in the Declaration/Public Offering Statement.

  • Can we have a 12’ wide Park Model RV?

    Absolutely, but each unit, whether 12’ or 8’ must be approved by the Executive Board of the Association prior to being placed at Strawberry Park. We are very particular about this matter, and require that the RV be no more than 5 years of age upon initial placement at Strawberry Park. Informationally: We have 12’ wide and 8’ wide units available for sale. You are welcome to inspect our Sales Office Models. In addition, many unit owners have had beautiful decks and enclosed rooms installed by Strawberry Park. While you may enlist an outside contractor for such work on your, a Connecticut contractor’s license and proof of insurance is needed prior to any permit being issued.

  • Do I need Park permission/approval to make any changes or improvements to my site?

    Yes. All site improvements must be approved by Strawberry Park in writing, and must be in accordance with Park, state and local rules. Site Improvement Request forms are available in the Sales Office and must be filled out, turned in and approved before any changes or improvements are done to your site, including fencing, driveways, decks, hard awnings, enclosed rooms, flower beds, tree removal, dry wells, flag poles, light posts, etc. This process may take some time, as local building officials are not full-time employees of the Town of Preston. Unit owners are also permitted an electric golf cart, under strict guidelines for safe operation. As you may have noticed, many unit owners have spectacular landscaping, enhancing the entire Park. Our rules regarding site improvements and amenities are more restrictive than most other campgrounds, but quality construction and consistent enforcement enhances the overall attractiveness of the campground.

  • How do we purchase a unit?

    A $100.00 Non-Binding Deposit is required to reserve a unit and to receive the Declaration/Public Offering Statement. Within 15 days after receipt of the Declaration/Public Offering Statement, a purchaser, before conveyance, may cancel any contract for purchase of a unit from the Declarant. A minimum down payment (determined from price schedule) is required after 15 days to continue with the purchase of the unit.

  • Is financing available?

    Yes, financing is available through banks. The bank will process your application and contact you directly. The Park does not broker the loan.

  • If I have already paid for my “seasonal site”, would my fees be applied to a site purchase?

    Seasonal fees are applied based upon purchase date on a percentage basis. If the closing of the site purchase is made by May 25th one hundred percent (100%) of the seasonal fees are applied to the purchase. This percentage decreases as time goes by until August 25th . Closings after this date would have none of their seasonal fees applied. Please note that if you elect to purchase a site after April 1 that has a current seasonal reservation, we will give you another site to use where you would be able enjoy all the amenities of an owner. In November, we would relocate the current seasonal camper off of your site and move you on it. While we will do our very best to get you onto your purchased site as quickly as possible, we must be respectful of any vacation reservations that have already been made and confirmed.

  • Are there any sites available with an RV or Park Model already in place?

    Yes. In addition to a limited number of units available on consignment through our Sales Office, Strawberry Park features a number of sites with current RV rental or Park Model rental units already in place. These units are available for package purchase including the site, the camping unit and the existing deck. Many campers also elect to order a Park Model directly through Strawberry Park, designing a floor plan and selecting the amenities to ideally suit their needs. The average delivery time for a new Park Model RV is 6-8 weeks from date of order.

    Please note, if we receive and offer to purchase the site you are seasonal on, Strawberry Park Management LLC may require the camper to move his recreational vehicle to another site approved by Strawberry Park Management LLC  for the remainder of this long term seasonal contract.  Such relocation shall not be a beach by Strawberry Park Management LLC of this long term seasonal contract or entitle camper to any claim related to such relocation.

  • Who currently controls the cooperative?

    Under Connecticut law, the Declarant or majority owner has control of operations until sixty percent (60%) of the units are sold. Strawberry Park has been declared as a 600 site cooperative, with 550 units currently developed. Once 60% of the units are sold, the Association takes control of the cooperative. At present, there are five members on the Executive Board,  in accordance with the Declaration/Public Offering Statement. Members of the Executive Board are elected by the owners of the Association, per the Declaration/Public Offering Statement.

  • How do we know the quality of Strawberry Park will be maintained?

    Many of our employees have been with us for 5, 10 and even 20 years or more, and with over 100 staff members during the peak season, we all take great pride in the campground. A tremendous amount of time and effort was expended in building the rules of the Declaration/Public Offering Statements to maintain the quality of Strawberry Park in every aspect for the permanent future. We have much stronger rules than most other cooperatives pertaining to site improvements and appearance, as well as personal behavior, and strong sanctions for failure to comply with these regulations. We are all extremely proud of what has been developed during the last 30 plus years, and we feel that steps have been taken to ensure the quality of the Park for decades to come. We sincerely believe that the Unit owners also serve as a mode of insurance, as everyone wants to protect the quality and value of their purchase.

  • Who will run the store, snack bar, and other concessions?

    The operating corporation, Strawberry Park RV Resort, Inc., has concessions with the Association to operate these various entities. The concessions are fully explained in the Declaration/Public Offering Statement and are terminable as explained. Once the Association takes control, they may elect to operate the concessions themselves or rent or lease to another party.

  • What other amenities are planned?

    An indoor pool and new basketball courts were the mandatory improvements as originally listed in the Declaration. The basketball courts are completed and the indoor pool is in the discussion stage. We are also committed to additional restrooms and laundry, and as evident by the recent additions and upgrades, anyone familiar with Strawberry Park knows that the improvements are likely to continue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the above questions are addressed the Declaration/Public Offering Statement. This is just a partial summary. We urge you to read the Declaration/Public Offering Statement completely. We are also happy to meet with you personally, at your convenience, to answer any questions.

This advertisement is not an offering. Sales of co-operative units will be made only in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Interstate Land Sales Act, the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act and any other applicable law and regulations. The complete offering terms are in an offering plan available from sponsor.